ISKFBC was initially formed as JKABC when Mr. Gary Johnson invited Master Teruyuki Okazaki to visit B.C. in July 1983. In November 1983, Master Yutaka Yaguchi was invited to teach in B.C., and the foundation of International Shotokan Karate Federation was laid. Since those first visits, the level of karate in B.C. has grown, thanks to both Masters Okazaki and Yaguchi, who have taught major clinics in B.C regularly every year since 1983.

JKA of BC (ISKF) non-profit society was incorporated in May of 1986 under the province of British Columbia’s Societies Act. A Board of Directors was established with Mr. Gary Johnson appointed as Chairman and Chief Instructor. A mandate was established to organize the annual events on behalf of the membership and to further the teaching of Shotokan Karate here in B.C.

Mr. Gary Johnson retired in 2002, and Mr. Joe Dixon was appointed Technical Director. The title of Chief Instructor was given to Master Yaguchi, as recognition to his large contributions in developing JKA of BC. 

Since 1983, Japan Karate Association of B.C. (ISKF) has grown from one club to many clubs located throughout the province. Some highlights of this history include.

In 2007 all member dojo's voted unanimously to follow Masters Okazaki and Yaguchi and officially leave the JKA and promote ISKF as a independent international Karate body.

July 1983 Annual clinics with Master Teruyuki Okazaki begin.
November 1983  Bi-annual clinics with Master Yutaka Yaguchi begin.
November 1984 Special clinics with Master Masahiko Tanaka.
June 1985 Special clinics with Master Masatoshi Nakayama.
May 1986 JKA BC (ISKF) incorporated as a non-profit society under the province of British Columbia’s societies act.
June 1986 Special clinics with Master Yoshiharu Osaka.
October 1989 JKA BC hosts 9th National Karate Championship, New Westminster.
June 1991 Special clinics with Master Yoshiharu Osaka
October 1996 JKA BC hosts 16th National Karate Championship, New Westminster.
October  2002 Mr. Gray Johnson retires, Mr. Joe Dixon appointed Technical Director.
October 2003 JKA BC Celebrates 20th anniversary, hosting 23rd National Karate Championship, Vancouver
June 2007 ISKF leaves the JKA 
July 2007 Special clinics with Sensei Hiroyoshi Okazaki
Jan. 2010 ISKF now with over 50 countries as members
Jan. 2017 Masters Okazaki and Yaguchi retire, Sensei Hiro Okazaki assumes leadership of ISKF
April 2020 Master Okazaki passed away


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